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Once you have decided on the items you would like to purchase, just go to the Place An Order page. Simply input your choices for Transformers, Parts, Episodes, Comics, etc. on each line provided. Then add the pre-shipping total at the bottom of the grid. You will receive an email right back with the USPS shipping amount and totals based on your address. We use padded envelopes to ship parts, unless otherwise requested. All Transformers figures & Episodes are sent Priority with Delivery Confirmation. International orders may vary.
Transformers & Parts prices are listed on their respective pages. When ordering Episodes remember that we offer substantial discounts when purchasing multiple sets. The regular prices are listed below, with the Discount packages following. Scroll down for full Details of each Episode set, and Payment Methods below.

TRANSFORMERS : Episodes Price List:
98 Transformers Episodes & The Movie | Info | $119
Headmasters In English! | Info | $59
Masterforce In English! | Info | $59
Victory In English! | Info | $59
Scramble City & Zone In Japanese | Info | $10
Multiple Set Discounts:
Headmasters, Masterforce, Victory, SC & Zone | Info | Only $159
98 Transformers, Headmasters, Masterforce, Victory, SC & Zone | Info | Only $265
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Also Available:
Beast Wars | Info | $69
Beast Machines | Info | $49
Beast Wars II (BW Second) In Japanese | Info | $59
Beast Wars Neo In Japanese | Info | $49
GI Joe, Thundercats, RoboTech, & He Man (MOTU) Coming Soon. Email for details

TRANSFORMERS : Episodes Detail

Transformers Episode   # of Episodes # of Tapes Mode Quality
98 Original G1 Episodes & The Movie 98+ 21 SP C9+
Headmasters English 35 6 SP C8-9
Masterforce English 42 7 SP C8-9
Victory English 32 6 SP C8-9
Scramble City & Zone Japanese 3 1 SP C9,6,9
Beast Wars 52 11 SP C9+,7.5
Beast Machines 39 6 SP C9+
Beast Wars II (Second)+ The Movie Japanese 43 10 SP C7-8
Beast Wars Neo Japanese 35 7 SP C8+
Robots In Disguise Coming This Spring! SP C9.5+
Transformers ARMADA Later This Year! SP C9.5+

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1. Paypal (New users get $5 free)
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4. BidPay (Buy Money Order On-Line)
5. Cash (Not Recommended)

Those not in the USA:
1. Money Order in US Dollars, 2. PayPal with a 3% fee,
3. MO through BidPay, or 4. Cash via registered mail.

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Place An Order American Episodes Japanese Episodes Transformers & Parts for Sale